Castro Marina

The B & B is located in one of the most beautiful costal areas in the Salento region: Castro Marina. A few kilometers south of Otranto, the Adriatic coast, Castro is a small village, which differs from crowded beaches and chaotic tourist resorts.

Who chooses Castro loves the clean sea, tranquility and relaxation. What everyone wants to make a real vacation.

About Castro Marina

Castro Marina, or more exactly Castromarina, is now part of the urban center of Castro, and more specifically that part that rises at an altitude below sea level (port area) to the upper coastal road.

The village offers different landscapes, preserving many aspects of the natural point of settlement building rich folk and holiday. At the port can still be seen carved caves that served as warehouses for the fishermen. 4 km along the coast of its territory from the border with Santa Cesarea Terme up to the Marina di Marittima are present, in addition to the Zinzulusa cave, the Romanelli cave, the Blue Grotto and the Palombara cave which can be visited by small boat. Along the coast there is also the tip of Mucurune, where the 40th parallel crosses with the sources of cold tap water.

Porto Vecchio

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